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To Flourish as a business, you Want Press Release Coverage. But, unfortunately, Press Release Coverage does not only come naturally - you want to work for this.

Presenting - Press Release

Press releases are all significant for increasing your brand awareness and assisting your public relations (PR). However, if nobody sees the discharge, you won't get very much. You have to distribute it efficiently to get your story picked up by national newspapers, magazines, or even blogs.

Press Release Services

A press release is a written document prepared for the media – also called the press - that announces something newsworthy. This 1-3-page document is disseminated to the media in the hopes that reporters and editors will use the information contained within in an upcoming TV or radio broadcast, in a newspaper or magazine issue, or on the media’s website.  

Reasons for a Press Release

There are a number of situations that might call for the use of a press release, such as:

  • Company announcement - Restructuring, expansion, relocation, new locations, strategic partnership, new financial backers or investors are all worthy of a press release.
  • Product announcement - New products, improved products, new brands, new retail outlets carrying the product could all be announced through a press release.
  • Initiative announcement - New internal or external projects that impact the company’s community would be appropriate for a press release.
  • Employee announcement - New hires and promotions are worthy of a press release.
  • Honors or awards - Awards or special recognition given to a company, product, project, or employee are all press release-worthy.
  • Research results - Releasing the findings of a survey or study of some kind related to the business.

The key question to ask yourself before preparing one is, “Who cares about this information?” And as long as the answer is people who will turn to the press for information, you’re on the right track with your press release.

What a Press Release Looks Like

To make it clear to members of the press – reporters, writers, and editors – that the information you’re giving them is a press release for their use, and not an advertisement or letter to the editor, you need to send it in press release format. Yes, there is a specific format you should use when preparing a press release. Here are some of the key features:

  • In an upper right or left corner, you should have the words “Media Contact,” followed by the name, phone number, and email address of the person reporters should reach out to if they have follow-up questions.
  • Below that, on the left side of the page, include the date on which the information can be made public. If it’s immediately, type “For immediate release.” But if you’re not making the announcement public until a future date, type, “Embargoed until [whatever the date is].”
  • In the center or left of the page, include a headline that summarizes the information in the press release. That might be, “CXOReview is on a Mission to Share & Grow World’s Knowledge through Technology,” or “The Whoseewhatsit Named Top Toy of 2021.”
  • Some press releases use a subhead on the next line, providing a little more detail, but this is optional. That might be, "THE EMERGING DIGITAL PLATFORM IS EMERGING AS A NEW DIGITAL COMMUNITY & A KNOWLEDGE BASE FOR DIGITAL LEADERS WORLDWIDE"
  • On the next line, which is the first line of your release, include the city and state you’re in formatted in all caps, and the date on which you’re making the announcement. For example, “CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – March 1, 2021.” Then start your announcement.
  • Write in an inverted pyramid style, where the most important information goes in the first sentence, with the next most important second, and so on. This way, if an editor needs to cut material from the bottom, you can at least be assured the most essential details were included.
  • Double space your paragraphs.
  • End with the symbols, “###” in the center at the bottom of your release. 

A well-written press release, formatted properly, and sent to the appropriate reporter can yield thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars of free publicity. NYDigital.io - Press Release Services  

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