Topic Guidelines

Press release content must be appropriate for general audiences of all ages.

The following not allowed:

  • Adult-orientated, nudity or sexually explicit content
  • Betting or gambling related
  • Derogatory statements targeting companies/individuals
  • Phone unlocking or jailbreaking
  • ClickBank/ClickSure hopLinks, affiliate marketing links or relevant websites selling products / ebooks on get-rich quick schemes, phone unlock, FOREX trading, proven/unproven medical alternatives and protocols. (including weight-loss products and nutritional supplements like garcinia cambogia and forskolin).
  • Boosting traffic on social media (eg. Buying likes, followers and views for social media websites such as twitter, facebook, YouTube, instagram etc.)
  • Website Links flagged as potential malware threats.
  • Promotion of anything illegal
  • Religious or political deemed controversial by our editor and/or our newswires' editors (it affects the overall quality of our newswire for our business customers)
  • Content relating to Payday Loans / Credit scores / reports / ratings
  • The content of your press release and/or the statements contained therein reflect negatively upon the parties involved. This includes content that alleges illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another party, and content that alleges breach of contract on the part of another party, or otherwise threatens any party with litigation.

If you send a press release violating our topic guidelines, your press release will most likely be rejected by our staff and/or partners and you will not be entitled to a refund. This is a waste of money for you, for us and negatively impacts our reputation so let's stay clear of these topics.

Headline Guidelines

  • Headline must be news worthy.
  • Press release headline should not sound like an article headline.
  • Headline should not contain first person terms such as "You", "I", "We", etc.
  • Headline should be a minimum of 6 to 8 words.
  • Headline should not sound too sales orientated. Avoid words like "Buy now", "free", etc.

Press Release Body Guidelines

  • Must have a minimum word count of 300. A well-written press release should ideally be between 300 to 600 words.

Examples of Bad Headlines

The following are headlines that were submitted and rejected.

  • Careaga Plastic Surgery Introduces New Breakthrough Laser Technology For 25% Fat Loss In 25 Minutes
  • The alternative to Smokeless Tobacco is PRO-DIP
  • Baby is a treasure that has to be protected by humans continuously. Baby Carrier Wrap facilitate this important task.
  • Why Digital & Search Marketing Matter for Your Small Business in Westchester NY
Important: If a press release with a poorly constructed headline is submitted, our editors reserve the right to rewrite the headline.